Group Therapy

What is Group Therapy?

Therapy support groups are led by a licensed therapist facilitator, and are made up of individuals who have a common theme or problem(s) in their lives which are creating various challenges and symptoms.

Our current groups are called “closed-ended groups”, which means that once the group is formed and begins, no new members are admitted for the duration of the group of ten sessions. It is optimum for you to attend all 10 sessions, but if there are circumstances you know in advance that will prevent you from attending all 10, please let us know.

Current Group: Empty Nest. Upcoming Group: Step-parenting

What are some benefits of Group Therapy?

  • Cost effective
  • Helps develop trust and safety
  • Improves communication and self-expression
  • Integrates coping strategies from others
  • Reduces negative symptoms: depression, anxiety, isolation, loneliness

How do I register?

Candidates for group therapy will be interviewed by the facilitator in private consultation to discuss individual goals and concerns, and to determine whether the group will be a fit. Group therapy is not always a substitute for individual therapy, but can often be a complementary component to other modalities of therapy.

Rudy Hayek, MA, MFT