Rudy Hayek, MA, MFT


Throughout Rudy’s professional and personal lives, his appreciation for and fascination with our purpose as human beings, have deepened and expanded. Moreover, he subscribes to the idea that maximizing one’s well-being and happiness compels us to be in relationships. Being connected is wired in our nature, and finding the healthy balance between interdependence and independence can deliver fulfillment and a deeper sense of purpose.

“We really do need each other. Our biological, psychological, and spiritual survival requires us to interact, negotiate, create, and attach to others. It is through that blueprint that we can create the conditions to help us achieve goals, grow, be productive, contribute to society, help others, to love and be loved, and to explore the meanings of deeper life and purpose. Yet, relationships can also become the source of our pain, sadness, frustration, and anxiety if they are not approached with mindfulness and mutual empathy”.

What are the Main Ingredients of a Healthy and Thriving Relationship?

  • Effective Communication
  • Emotional and Physical Attunement
  • Mutual Understanding of each others’ Perspectives and Internal Working Models
  • Honoring and Respecting your Partner’s Needs and Wants
  • Expressing your own Needs and Wants


Through his training and competing  in various sports and endurance events, (Hawaii Ironman Triathlon, Marathon Running and Cycling,  Black Belt in Shotokai Karate),  he accomplished goals that tested his physical and psychological barriers. It is, in large part, those experiences that created the space for him to grow physically, spiritually, and psychologically.

Following a 30-year career as a Health & Fitness Coach, Rudy’s hunger to master helping people reach their potential, led him to pursue a secondary vocation toward becoming a psychotherapist. He chose the Masters’ program in Clinical Psychology at Azusa Pacific University (APU) because it offered a curriculum based on an Interdisciplinary Integration model: which focuses on the intersection of Psychology, Philosophy, and Spirituality. 

These pillars significantly impact our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors – and effective therapists and coaches must pay attention to how they are configured, integrated, and expressed in people’s lives. It is through those lenses that a competent practitioner can be more effective with their clients’ personal and professional journeys.


“My role as stepfather has been one of the most unique and gratifying experiences of my life.  I concede that my wife and daughters have taught me the most important qualities about how to be a good parent and person: flexibility, tolerance, patience, openness, gratitude, being supportive, and to especially appreciate life’s precious moments”.

He learned firsthand that family relationships have complex layers of connections: history, personalities, habits, patterns, values, ethics, which makes the road to healthy communication, functioning and growth sometimes challenging.  A well-adjusted healthy family requires a collective commitment from all members to create mutual empathy and understanding.

B.A. Kinesiology, California State University, Northridge
M.A. Clinical Psychology, Azusa Pacific University

Rudy Hayek, MA, MFT